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Product Description

A multi-purpose photography lightA multi-purpose photography light

Three color temperature light sources, 95 display index, perfect partner for taking beautiful photosThree color temperature light sources, 95 display index, perfect partner for taking beautiful photos

Each light has a total of 120LED, and the adjustment switch can emit light sources with three color temperatures, 3800K, 4500K and 5600K, which can meet our needs in different scenarios. The display index of the light source is 95, which can better show the beautiful side of the subject and get more beautiful photos.

A complete set of photography lightsA complete set of photography lights

One Packing Accessories

A:2 Light and ball head. B:2 Flannel bag. C:1 Two-hole USB charging plug. D: 4 kinds Color Filter. E:2 Mini Tripod Stand.

F: 2 Telescopic bracket. G:1 Carrying Bag.

Different application scenarios Different application scenarios

The telescopic pole becomes a selfie stick in seconds

This product can be used in a lot of scenarios, such as product shooting, live video, video conference, emergency lighting at night and so on. And the height of the product stand can be adjusted freely from 35mm/13.5in to 140mm/53in, which is more convenient to use.

Photo effects with different color temperatures and different brightnessPhoto effects with different color temperatures and different brightness

This set of lights can adjust the light of three color temperatures through the switch, and the brightness of the lights can have 10 gears, which can meet the needs of different photos!

Multi-color light sourceMulti-color light source

Multi-color light source

Three color temperature light sources and 5 colors of color chips can produce more than 10 colors of light, which can better reflect the beauty of the photographed object when taking pictures!

Floor-standing selfie stickFloor-standing selfie stick

Desktop selfie stickDesktop selfie stick

The use scene of the selfie stickThe use scene of the selfie stick

The camera head , stand, tripod and mobile phone holder in this product can form a selfie stick, the height can be any height from 50mm/19.5in to 140mm/53in. The selfie stick is very easy to assemble and easy to carry. When stored, the length of the selfie stick is only 30mm / 11.5 inches.

The camera head, tripod and phone holder in this product can form a desktop selfie stick. The total height of this selfie stick is 19mm/7.3in, which is very convenient to carry and easy to install. The total height when stowed is 19mm/7.3in,

This selfie stick can be used for mobile phone video conferencing, mobile phone video live broadcast, Bluetooth mobile phone photography, event live broadcast, etc. It can be used in many places and is very practical.

The package includes: (1) 2 USB LED light panels with USB cables, (2) 2 mini tripods, (3) 2 extension pole holders (selfie sticks), (4) 4 color filters, ( 5) 1 carrying bag, (6) 1 dual-hole charger
Multi-function: LED lighting kit: small LED panel light (14×9.5cm, 5.51×3.714″) can be adjusted 180 degrees to meet your different requirements for the appropriate shooting angle. The brightness can be adjusted between 10% and 100% , 120 energy-saving LED bulbs can provide the excellent lighting you need in different situations.
Optional recording effects: with 4 color filters (white, red, yellow and blue) to make the light softer and more colorful; you can change the color of the light through 4 types of filters to create Beautiful photos and videos. With the help of a practical USB connector, you can connect it to a PC, mobile phone, charger or USB socket at any time.
Height adjustable: When the lamp is connected to the extension pole, the height can be adjusted freely between 11.5 inches and 61.5 inches. The mini tripod can be directly connected to the light board to ensure extremely low position lighting.
Wide range of applications: You can use it as a desk lamp or floor lamp according to your needs. Suitable for living room, study room, children’s room, bathroom, office, studio, etc.; very suitable for video photography of Youtube product portrait.


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