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Anbige Replacement Parts 12oz Cup Jar 3.65inch for Ninja Blender

Fits Ninjja BL480, BL481, BL482, BL490, BL640, BL680, BL450, BL482, BL682, BL642, BL640 BL450 30/BL 456 30/ BL455 30 900W/1000W Nutri Ninja Pro Deluxe BL451 30 900W Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Blender BL480 30/BL481-30 1000W / BL482 30/BL482QPR 30 /BL482QPK 30 1100W Ninja Auto-IQ Smooth Boost Blender:BL490 30/BL491 30/BL492 30/BL492W 30 BL493Z 30/BL494 30 1200W NN-100 30/NN-100A 30/ 101 30/NN102 30 1200W BL486CO 30 BL487 30/BL487A 30/BL487QH 30 1100W AUTO


Can not work with Ninja BL660 /BL770 /BL740 /BL771/ BL773CO/ BL810 /BL810C/ BL810Q /BL820 BL830 QB3000/ QB3000SSW 30/ QB3000QR 30/ QB3001SS 30/ QB3000QBK /QB3004/QB3005,BL200 30/ BL201 30/BL201C 30/BL203QBK 30 /BL203OCN 30/ BL203QB 30 /BL203QY 30/BL204 30/ BL206QGN 30/BL206QWH 30/BL206QY 30/ BL206QBK 30/BL206QBL 30/ BL207QBK 30/BL207QMBL 30/


Anbige Replacement Parts 18oz Cup Jar 3.65inch for Ninja Blender



Anbige Replacement Parts 24oz Cup Jar 3.65inch for Ninja Blender



3.65inch inner diameter cups for Ninja Blender

Make sure the cup measure is 3.65INCH.


Fits ninja cups 12oz 18oz 24oz 32oz

Fits ninja base

Ninja Blender Chef 1500W CT805 CT810 and CT815A

12oz 18oz 24oz 32oz

Ninja Auto iQ BL2012, BL2013, BL455-30, BL480, BL480D 30, BL481, BL482-30, BL486CO, BL487, BL487A, BL488W, BL490, BL491, BL492, BL492W, BL494, BL640, BL641, BL642, BL642W, BL642Z, BL680A, BL682, NN100, NN100A, NN101, NN102

Ninja Blender BL482 30 DOB / BL451 30 DOB / BL455 30 DOB 1000W/ BL456 BRN 30 DOB/ BL480D 69 DOB /BL482 BRN 69 DOB /BL482 BRN 30 DOB

Ninja BL450 70 900W /BL454 1000W/BL 481 70/ BL480-70/BL482 70

Compatible with Certain Nutri Ninja Kitchen Systems Auto IQ and Duo Blenders models listed
Compatible with Nutri Ninja BL450,BL451, BL484, BL486CO, BL480, BL481, BL482, BL483, BL484-30, BL487A BL487 BL488 BL488W BL490 BL491 BL492 BL492W, BL2012, BL2013, NN100,NN100a, NN101, NN102
Package include: 1 cup (No lid)
Please do not purchase these cups if your model is not listed
Please do not overfill! To avoid spilling, do not add ingredients past the “Max” fill line


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