Can bluetooth headphones be used on airplanes? The simple answer is yes.

You need to use a mono bluetooth headset connected to one ear.

According to the FAA, you may not have more than 1 earphone or headphone in your ear when the aircraft is taxiing, taking off and landing. In addition, no cell phones are allowed to be used, even if they are turned off (this includes bluetooth headsets). So there is a way to fly with bluetooth. But it’s hardly worth the trouble given that you have to sacrifice communication quality and can’t hear what is going on around you.

I was recently told by someone who works at one of the major airlines, here in the US, that they are aware of people flying with bluetooth headsets, but that they are not aware of any cases where someone has been stopped from doing so. In other words, because it’s not a common occurrence here in the US, the airlines don’t have strict policies against it (and why should they? It’s not hurting anyone).

So basically you can technically use bluetooth headphones on planes even though it’s not recommended.

The only other option would be to shut the bluetooth off on your headphones, if you have an option for that (most do), or use one earphone as opposed to 2. I’ll talk about how to configure certain bluetooth devices in a future post.

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What headphones are allowed on airplanes?

If you’re wondering what headphones are allowed on airplanes then rest assured, there aren’t many that are actually NOT allowed on.

Here is a short list of headphones that are allowed on airplanes:

What are in-Ear Headphones?

In-ear headphones are designed for use within the ear canal. The sound is rich and natural, unlike standard ‘on-the-ear’ or over-the-head styles which produce a secondary echo effect by way of the outer ear. In-ear headphone users report that they experience more accurate stereo field imaging with greater channel separation than other types of headphones.

The most common complaint is that they are more fragile than other types of headphones and the wires can be damaged by a sharp movement or catching on something which could cause damage and audio interference. However, with proper care an in-ear headphone can be more durable than you would think.

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What are Bluetooth Beanie Headphones?

Beanie (or “buzz”) headphones are a special type of bluetooth headset. They are designed to be worn around the ears while being hidden inside a hat or hood.

There is also an over-ear model available, but it’s not as popular as the beanie style. Beanie headphones have become very popular with certain types of athletes, but not just because of the “cool” factor.

Here’s a list of benefits that beanie headphones have to offer:

1. They are wireless, allowing for a completely hands-free experience while being active.

2. You can recharge them without removing them from your head which is useful if you’re wearing them for an extended period of time, such as on a long flight.

3. Beanie headphones are designed to be less conspicuous than regular style bluetooth headsets (and other types of headphones), so you can wear them at work or while out in public without attracting much attention.

4. You don’t have to worry about wires getting tangled up or damaged.

5. Beanie headphones are comfortable to wear, more so than standard bluetooth headsets.

6. They have better speaker quality and can produce a bigger sound field than regular bluetooth headsets (they’re wireless).

7. The ear pads are soft and washable which is useful for training activities.

8. Beanie headphones don’t cover your entire ear, making them less likely to get in the way or cause discomfort during physical activity. For example, you can wear them while running a marathon, or while working out at the gym without feeling any pain or fatigue whatsoever.

9. They’re great for long flights since you

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Here’s all about the Plantronics Voyager 855 Bluetooth Headset:

The Plantronics Voyager 855 is a boomless Bluetooth headset with an ultra-thin, lightweight design. Its innovative design is specifically designed to fit naturally in your ear and rest comfortably without the need for an ear hook.

The boomless microphone is hidden inside of the device so you can talk hands free anywhere — at work, during travel or while on the court. The Voyager 855 includes multiple ear tip choices so you can style for your individual, active lifestyle — whether that’s super long days at the office or on-the-go adventures like hiking and swimming.

The Plantronics Voyager 855 also comes equipped with Stay Hear®+ silicone tips which offer a unique combination of form and function. The Stay Hear+ tips remain soft, flexible and comfortable to wear over long periods of time, yet maintain their shape to stay in the ear — even during activity. These silicone tips are also undetectable under clothing so that you can comfortably wear your Voyager 855 with any style of clothing (shirt-clip) or while being active in different environments (pretty much anywhere).

The Voyager 855 is a Bluetooth® headset so you can answer calls, talk and hang up hands free. The ultra-thin earpiece fits comfortably inside the ear without an ear hook. The omnidirectional microphone boomless design is virtually invisible to others and has been optimized for use in windy conditions. The Plantronics Voyager 855 enables you to answer calls directly from the headset and also has a convenient call-handling button.

The rechargeable, lithium-ion battery provides up to 6 hours of talk time and is fully charged within 2 hours using its USB charger. A red light on the headset alerts users when the battery is low so you can recharge before your next call. The Plantronics Voyager 855 also features a quick connect feature that enables users to add or change between multiple bluetooth devices by simply turning on the headset.

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So: Can BlueTooth Headphones Be Used on Airplanes? Yes!

You can use this post as a general guide when flying with any type of earphones or headphones and not just bluetooth ones.

But why would you want to bring your own headphones anyway? Well, for one thing, most airlines have horrible sounding music/movies playing and the sound quality on your own headphones will likely be much better. You may also have some sort of noise cancelling technology (whether it’s active or passive) which is another reason to bring your own headphones with you when flying.

Onto what type of earphones and headsets are allowed, any full-sized headphones that go over the head will be fine. Here is a short list of headphones that will likely not fail the “test”.

The only thing you should look out for when bringing your own headphones on board is that they meet airline standards which can vary from one airline to another.

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