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Features of Frifer Electric Cooktop:
Widely Used in Any Pot-Frifer electric cooktop is able to widely match any pan in the market,which means that any flat-bottomed and high-temperature-resistant pot can be cooked as you wish.It is widely used in ceramic pots,stainless steel,aluminum alloy,iron pots,and glass,casserole etc.
Strong Performance & Effective Energy Saving – Power 200w-2000w adjustable,temperature 60 ℃ – 600 ℃ adjustable,from weak to strong firepower design,high thermal efficiency,strong and uniform heat energy,through multi-stage accurate power control,can quickly cook,and heat source concentration,energy saving,electricity saving,ensure the delicious dishes.
Good High Temperature Resistance Properties-Frifer electric cooktop adopts high-grade crystallized glass panel,which can withstand high temperature of 950 degrees,the panel can still remain bright,easy to clean,environmental protection,using a new microcomputer control,high and low pressure separation,anti-overheating protection,waterproof.
Electric Cooktop Specially Designed for Safety – Compared with ordinary induction cookers,our electric cooktop works by far infrared heating and has no electromagnetic radiation.It is better for health heating,deodorization,dehumidification,anti-fatigue and anti-aging.
Enjoy Smart Smokeless Cooking – LED digital display,super long 24-hour appointment scheduled on/off,built-in smart overheat protection device,can automatically shut down according to the time,even if you forget to turn it off after use,there is no worries,halogen can be seen during cooking Light,you can easily identify whether the stove is working properly.


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