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This intervalometer provides photographers with enhanced levels of exposure control. Featuring specialized functionality such as continuous shooting, self-timer, long time exposures, and interval shooting, it allows you to set timer delays, exposure times and intervals up to 99 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds in one-second increments. You can also select from 1 to 399 continuous shots or set the device to take an unlimited number of photos.

It is great for time lapse series of blooming flowers, sunsets or the night sky. It can also function without batteries as a simple manual remote shutter release. Simply establish the camera’s settings and push the remote’s shutter button halfway to focus and fully to shoot. In bulb mode, slide the shutter release button up to lock and the shutter will stay open until you release it.

Q: I need 50 pictures, the exposure time for each picture is 10s, and the interval time between each picture is 5s, how set?
A: (Camera in Bulb mode) Set the [BU] to 10s and [INT] to 15s, then set the [N] to 50 and press the [Start] button.

Why the [INT] needs to be set 15s instead of 5s as you wanted the interval to be 5s, as in the default programs of this remote, the interval time includes the exposure time. So the 15s of [INT] minus the 10s of [BU] results in 5s real interval time between each picture.

Compatible with Canon EOS cameras:

EOS Rebel T7,T6,T5,T3,T8i,T7i,T7i,T6s,T6i,T5i,T4i,T3i,T2i,T1i,Rebel XSi,XS,XTi,Rebel SL1,SL2,SL3
EOS 2000D,90D,80D,70D,77D,60Da,EOS R,R6,RP,M5,M6,M6 Mark II,etc.

Compatible with Canon Powershot cameras:

Powershot G16,G15,G12,G1X,G1X Mark II, G1X Mark III,etc.

Compatible with Pentax cameras:

K30,K50,K1,K3,K3 II,K5,K5 II,K5 IIs,K7,K100D,K100D Super,K10D,K110D,K200D,K20D,K500,645D,645Z

Compact Size:12.1*4.0*2.1cm, 90cm long wired remote controller, powered by 2 AAA Alkaline batteries
Self-timer, interval timer, long-exposure timer and exposure-count setting features
Take Photos without Camera Shake and great for Time-Lapse Photography
The timer can be set anywhere from 1 sec. to 99 hrs., 59 min., 59 sec
Humanized backlight design allows you to view the LCD screen in the dark


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