Kastar 2 Battery + Charger Replacement for Sony NP-BN1 DSC-QX10...


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1. Compatible with battery models:

Sony NP-BN1 Type N

2. Compatible with charger models:


3. Compatible with camera models:

Sony DSC-J10
Sony DSC-QX10
Sony DSC-QX30
Sony DSC-QX100

Sony DSC-T99
Sony DSC-T110

Sony DSC-TF1
Sony DSC-TX5
Sony DSC-TX7
Sony DSC-TX9
Sony DSC-TX10
Sony DSC-TX20
Sony DSC-TX30
Sony DSC-TX55
Sony DSC-TX66
Sony DSC-TX100V
Sony DSC-TX200V

Sony DSC-W310
Sony DSC-W320
Sony DSC-W330
Sony DSC-W350
Sony DSC-W360
Sony DSC-W380
Sony DSC-W390
Sony DSC-W510
Sony DSC-W515PS
Sony DSC-W520
Sony DSC-W530
Sony DSC-W550
Sony DSC-W560
Sony DSC-W570
Sony DSC-W580
Sony DSC-W610
Sony DSC-W620
Sony DSC-W630
Sony DSC-W650
Sony DSC-W670
Sony DSC-W690
Sony DSC-W710
Sony DSC-W730
Sony DSC-W800
Sony DSC-W810
Sony DSC-W830

Sony DSC-WX5
Sony DSC-WX7
Sony DSC-WX9
Sony DSC-WX10
Sony DSC-WX30
Sony DSC-WX50
Sony DSC-WX60
Sony DSC-WX70
Sony DSC-WX80
Sony DSC-WX100
Sony DSC-WX150
Sony DSC-WX200
Sony DSC-WX220

Battery Type: Lithium-Ion; Battery Voltage: 3.6V; Battery Capacity: 1500mAh.
Kastar ultra slim USB charger, new smart design, easy to carry.
The Charger Input: 5V 1A~2A; Output: 4.2V 600mA.
LED indicate: Red light for charging; Green light for standby or full-charge.
Micro USB input, multiple charging option, come with a Micro USB cable.


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