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Are you still worried about cleaning the sink? The sink is often blocked, and cleaning is troublesome? It is also easy to breed bacteria and harm health. . .
Try this disposable sink screen strainer for you to help you keep your kitchen sink clean and easy to use!

Product name: kitchen filter
Product specifications: 200
Original size: 4 in * 4 in
Telescopic size: 10 in * 10 in
Product composition: Spandex polyester
Temperature range: -20 ° C-120 ° C

Instructions for use
Step 1: Remove the cage and place the filter on the sink filter basket.
Step 2: Flip the upper edge of the cage with the elastic mouth.
Step 3: Return the filter cage with the filter to the sink for normal use.
Step 4: When the filter needs to be replaced, lift the bag and discard it in the trash.

When draining viscous liquids such as curry cubes and oil stains, be aware that the filter may become clogged.
Avoid overstretching and cover the product with sharp objects to avoid affecting use.
The product has a pull-out phenomenon, which is normal and will not affect the use.
This product is disposable and is not recommended for repeated use.

Warm suggestion
After use, replace the amount of food left in the filter (recommended after every meal).
After using, please wait for a while and then replace it to avoid water flowing out during processing.
This product has certain stretch ability, and can be used with other appliances (recommended bowls, cups, etc.) according to stretch ability.
★ [PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS] 200 sink filter bags, the product size is 4″x4″, and the stretch size is 10″x10″
★ [PRODUCT ADVANTAGES] High-quality polyester and elastic fiber environmentally friendly material, no odor, can be used safely, the elastic beam mouth, close fit with the sink basket, does not let the residue slip into the sink, the mesh is fine, can effectively filter small residue, strong load Not easy to break.
★ [EASY TO USE] Simple installation and easy to use, just put the filter on the filter basket, lift the filter and throw it into the trash can.
★ [PROTECT THE DRAINAGE PIPE] The kitchen sink strainer basket can effectively prevent food residues, hair, paper scraps, etc. from entering the drainage pipe, preventing clogging and preventing breeding of bacteria.
★ [SATISFACTION GUARANTEE] Quality and customer satisfaction are our top priorities. If you are not satisfied with our package, you can change it for free for 30 days or get a full refund. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately.


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