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Progo brand charger replaces Sanyo Fisher DB-L80 / DBL80, DB-L80A / DBL80A, DB-L80AU / DBL80AU battery chargers. Works for: VPC-CA100, VPCCA100, CA100 VPC-CS1, VPCGH1, CS1 DMX-CS1, DMXGH1, CS1 VPC-GH1, VPCGH1, GH1 DMX-GH1, DMXGH1, GH1 VPC-GH2, VPCGH2, GH2 DMX-GH2, DMXGH2, GH2 VPC-GH3, VPCGH3, GH3 VPC-CG10, VPCCG10, CG10 DMX-CG10, DMXCG10, CG10 VPC-CG20, VPCCG20, CG20 DMX-CG20, DMXCG20, CG20 VPC-CG21, VPCCG21, CG21 VPC-CG100, VPCCG100, CG100 DMX-CG100, DMXCG100, CG100 VPC-CG102, VPCCG102, CG102 DMX-CG102, DMXCG102, CG102 VPC-PD1, VPCPD1, PD1 VPC-X1200, VPCX1200, X1200 DMX-X1200, DMXX1200, X1200 and more models. Best charging for the following OEM battery part numbers: VAR-L80, VAR-L80AEX, VAR-L80AU, VAR-L80U, VARL80, VARL80AEX, VARL80AU, VARL80U. Progo brand is sold and marketed exclusively by YoKool on Please make sure to buy an authentic Progo battery by finding a Maxtek brand logo on battery. If you find your battery without Progo logo, please contact YoKool support team on seller help page.

High-quality “smart” battery charger set including both wall charger and auto cigarette lighter adapter (car charger).
World-traveler input voltage AC 110v-240v and DC 12v-24v.
Quick charging Sanyo DB-L80 battery.
Smart circuit design and LED indicators with automatic current control to protect battery from overcharging, short circuit, and electronic shock.
12 months USA warranty


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