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There are many different video projectors to select from these days. The features are becoming more advanced and wifi or bluetooth connection with 1080 resolution is becoming normal. Here’s what you need to know in order to pick the right projector for your home or any location for that matter.
How does a video projector work?
A video projector works by throwing an image onto a screen. The image is made up of pixels that the device creates by mixing red, green, and blue light to make up different colors
What are the common resolutions you should know about?
So what resolution do you need for your area?
Here’s a list of common resolutions:
480p – This resolution is suitable for large screen TVs and provides a pixel resolution of 640 x 480 p.
720p – Slightly better than the lower resolution, this has a pixel resolution of 1280 x 720 p.
1080p – The most common size for small to medium screens in the 50 inch or larger range, this has a pixel resolution of 1920 x 1080 p.
2K – Not as common but should be on your radar. This resolution has a pixel resolution of 2048 x 1080 p.
4K or Ultra HD – With this resolution, you will enjoy the highest quality image for larger screens in the 40 inch and above range with a pixel resolution of 3840 x 2160 p
What kind of projector do I need?
Brighter is better and the bigger the screen, the brighter you’ll need it to be. Keep in mind that if you have a smaller area or are using a projector for video conferencing then this may not apply depending on how large your space is.
You can have ambient light in your room but do not put yourself into direct sunlight. It will create a very annoying glare and wash out the image.
What other features do I need to consider?
Along with picture quality, your budget and how you plan to use it are important factors as well. You may want to check out some of these options:
3D- This is a great feature if you have kids and want to give them a more engaging movie experience. Getting the 3D glasses is as easy as going to any store like Best Buy or even ordering online. Some projectors already have built-in features with the right cables for you to hook up your own 3D glasses.
HDMI port – This is a newer feature and preferred over the older RCA jacks. Some projectors have multiple HDMI ports so you can hook up multiple devices.
VGA port – This is often found on older video projectors but may be necessary if you’re using a computer instead of an HDMI port or need to connect with another device that only has a VGA cable Optical audio out.
What features do the best video projectors have?
The best video projectors have the best features and offer the highest quality. Some of these include:
3D: The ability to watch 3D movies or sporting events in this format is an extremely common feature  today .
HDMI port: Having multiple ports so you can hook up your laptop, DVD player along with other devices is always a bonus.
1080p resolution: The higher the p (or pixel) count, the better quality image you will have. This should be your minimum requirement but if you want even better picture quality then you may consider getting one with 2K or 4K Ultra HD resolution for high end usage like video conferencing or gaming.
100 ANSI lumens and above: Look out for projectors that offer at least 100 ANSI lumens. This is the measurement of brightness and will be your guide in determining how large of a screen you can set up.
Windows compatibility: If you plan on connecting to your laptop or even computer then it’s smart to check if the projector will work with Windows as well as Mac OSX operating systems. VGA, HDMI, component are common ports found on projectors today so finding one that suits all your needs should be easy depending on what type of media or devices you want to connect to it.
Ease of use: You don’t want a device that is complicated or hard for others to use when showing videos during meetings or presentations. The last thing you need is something that requires learning an entire manual or a degree to operate.
Buying your first video projector
Video projector brands have been around for many years and you can find one that suits your needs whether it is home entertainment, business presentations or even portable projectors for those who want something on the go.
There are so many different options and finding one that offers everything you need shouldn’t be difficult if you simply know what features to look out for.

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