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How do I choose the right refrigerator? There are rules to follow when selecting a new refrigerator if you’re not replacing the old one. Depending on features or specs the price ranges from a mini fridge to a larger digital refrigerator.
Selecting a refrigerator simplified
Here’s how you can easily select a refrigerator for your home that’s right for you.

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Brand – Are you loyal to a specific brand or are open to comparing based on the most important features? If you narrow it down by brand then that makes it easier to research which one is right for you.

Aesthetics – You may want something that blends in with your kitchen décor, and not necessarily something that stands out as a piece of furniture. While some people like stainless steel finishes others prefer black finishes so they can save money on updating their décor trend at least for now.

Price range – How much do you really have to spend on a new refrigerator? This should be one of the first questions answered before even searching for refrigerators online or elsewhere.  There’s no point buying a mini fridge for $500 and having it break down on you in a year or two.

Extra features – Do you need more than just a freezer and fridge? Over the years manufacturers have added many extras to their refrigerators such as ice makers, smart screens that help organize your food, built-in speakers so you can play music without having to use external speakers, lights inside for easy organization (useful if you keep things in there at night), multi-level shelves for holding taller items like beer bottles vertically instead of laying them flat on the bottom shelf.  If a feature is not offered with the models you’re considering don’t be afraid to ask about it or if possible see if they can build it into the refrigerator later when your budget allows for it.
How to compare features and models
To purchase the new refrigerator you should first consider how much space you have available for it, weight or even if you need to be able to move it later on.

Things like stainless steel or plastic? Do you want glass doors or a design that fits with your kitchen theme?

Once these questions are answered you can easily compare models based on their technical details and specifications such as capacity in cubic feet, energy consumption on yearly average per day (kWh), type of compressor used (heat-pump vs absorption) etc.

When comparing refrigerators be sure they meet Energy Star standards, since this is easy way to make sure what you’re buying will last longer and consume less energy than cheaper brands out there.  If you’re looking to save a few bucks on energy bills then make sure the fridge is Energy Star qualified or eligible for it, and you’ll save money in the long run.

1) Capacity – How much space do you need? When people think of capacity they often just consider how much food they have, but don’t necessarily consider other things such as cans of soda, bottles of water or even wine bottles.

2) Energy use – This is the main selling point now so be sure that when comparing models take into account their energy consumption per year or kWh used.

3) Temperature control – Do you want something simple with just an on/off button where the temperature doesn’t change much? Then this would be fine unless you’re storing milk or other food that must be kept in a specific temperature range.  What’s the temperature inside your current refrigerator? It’s probably more than what you think.

4) Door design – Are you looking for something simple with no door handles and hinges, just a smooth surface where you can lay things against it without worrying about damaging the door? This is a great choice for people who have toddlers running around since they won’t be able to open it easily.

5) Refrigerator freezer capacity – Another important factor to consider when comparing models is how much space there is for both refrigerated and frozen items.

6) Freezer size – Does this model have enough space specifically for frozen foods? How do these stack up compared to your needs?

7) Lock – Some people keep things in their refrigerators at night and this can be a great way to protect against kids opening the door, reaching inside for food or medicine for example. Some models come with automatic locks so you don’t need to waste time fiddling with the lock every time you go inside.

8) Food preservation features – This is something new and important since it allows you to store fresh foods without having to worry about them going bad before they’re used up.

9) Ice machine availability – If keeping ice on hand is important to your family then this will come in handy when comparing models. 10) Energy Star ratings – When comparing energy consumption per model remember that fridges also have higher energy requirements than free.
Buying a Refrigerator From The Selection Below
We’re constantly updating the refrigerator catalog that we provide visitors so make sure to stop back frequently if you’re in the market for a fridge!

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