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Product Description

Biometric cabinet lock 01Biometric cabinet lock 01

Why recommend smart electronic fingerprint lock to you?

Biometric Function: Keyless / Card-free / Fingerprint IdentificationEasy to Set Up: No need to download any App or PC.Automatically pup-up design, 0.5 seconds quickly and easily unlock.High Endurance: It can last for about 180 days after fully charging.Strong Working Ability: Adapt to high and low temperature working environment. The applicable temperature range is – 20 ℃ to 70 ℃.Beautiful and Luxurious Appearance: Small but exquisite drawer lock with noble black, smooth lines design.

Drawer Lock Drawer Lock


Fingerprint lock, no key or magnetic card is required, with accurate identification capabilities, and better protection of private property and privacy.

electronic cabinet lockelectronic cabinet lock


Use your fingerprint to unlock the biometric cabinet locks easily and quickly within 0.5 seconds which obviously improves efficiency of life through technology. Store valuable jewellery safely and protect your personal hygiene, fingerprint locks give you a convenient and safe experience.

cabinet lockscabinet locks

Living Room

Exquisite, small and luxurious design enhances the beauty and fashion of home decoration. Combining beauty and powerful functions into one, you don’t have to give up fashion for safety.

electronic lockelectronic lock


It can record and recognize up to 20 fingerprints, support multiple people to manage together, and greatly improve work efficiency. The entry of each fingerprint needs to be authenticated by the administrator, which is open and safe. Of course, you can also choose to enjoy it alone.

Electronic Cabinet Locks Kit SetElectronic Cabinet Locks Kit Set

Keep the Decoder Carefully: prevent sudden fingerprint recognition failure.

How to use:

1.Insert the decoder into USB charging port.

2.Press the panel until three-color breathing light flashes continuously, then remove. (All fingerprints are successfully deleted, and the fingerprint lock returns to initial state.)

3.Enter any fingerprint to unlock.

4.After successfully unlocking, please re-enter the administrator and common user fingerprints.

fingerprint cabinet lockfingerprint cabinet lock

Add ordinary users fingerprints:

Press the fingerprint lock panel and hold for 5 seconds until the blue light flashes,then remove. Start the fingerprint verification of first administrator.After the administrator’s fingerprint is typed in, the blue light flashes and the type-in status of new fingerprint starts.The same finger was collected more than 5 times, and the fingerprint was collected successfully.The green light is on, the entry is successful; the red light is on, the entry fails.

Wardrobe lockWardrobe lock

Add (administrator) fingerprint for the first time:

(Note: The first three fingerprints are administrator fingerprints. If no fingerprints are entered, anyone can unlock the lock.)

Press and hold for 5 seconds untilthe blue light flashes, then remove. The blue light is always on, start fingerprint entry.The same finger was collected more than 5 times, and the fingerprint was collected successfully.The green light is on, the entry is successful; the red light is on, the entry fails.

Smart Electronic Cabinet LockSmart Electronic Cabinet Lock

Delete Fingerprint:

Press the fingerprint lock panel and hold for 10 seconds until the red light flashes (flashing blue light first during the period) , loosen fingers.Enter the administrator’s fingerprint verification. After the green light is on for 1 second, the fingerprint is deleted successfully.

Cautions: Deletion of the fingerprint means that all fingerprints can be deleted, instead of deleting certain fingerprint record separately.


About low battery warning

When the battery is too low, the red indicator light of the electronic drawer lock will flash 3 times quickly after unlocking.

About Anyone Can Unlock the Lock

This may due to the failure of fingerprints recording. In this case, the decoder can be used to restore the initial state. Then reset locks. Especially the administrator’s fingerprint entry must be successful.

Packing List:

Fingerprint Panel

Lock Body

Lock Catch


Screw Accessory Package

Emergency Charging Port

Fingerprint Unlock

USB Rechargable

Dry Batteries

Drawer and Cabinet Dual Purpose

【Quickly Unlock & Low Consumption】Professional biometric technology with rapid identification function, no key and RFID card. You can use your fingerprint to unlock keyless cabinet locks easily and quickly within 0.5 seconds. After 2 hours of charging, cabinet fingerprint locks can be used for 180 days.
【Rechargeable & Humanized Design】The USB emergency charging port is designed on the panel of the cabinet lock, so that it can be charged urgently to avoid the situation that the electronic lock is exhausted and permanently locked. Besides, the fingerprint recognition area is equipped with a three-color sensing breathing light to provide real-time feedback on the status of the drawer fingerprint lock.
【Advanced Life Experience】 The cabinet lock has an embedded AI intelligent chip, which has a self-learning algorithm and an efficient, stable and safe processing system. After each fingerprint identification, the fingerprints will be compared, spliced and recorded. It can effectively improve the recognition probability, and the more it is used, the more sensitive and durable it is.
【Broad Applicability】The electronic fingerprint lock can be widely used in office cabinet, drawer, TV cabinet, wardrobe, bedside table, etc. Applicable places include bedroom, study, living room, office. Say goodbye to the key unlock era! It can record 20 fingerprints and supports multiple people to manage a file cabinet at the same time.
【Easy to Install and Set Up】Store and identify fingerprint information directly, without downloading and installing any App or PC. This electronic cabinet lock with administrator fuction needs to verify the administrator’s fingerprint before adding the new fingerprint or deleting all fingerprints. (Please note that the diameter of the applicable hole is not less than 15mm.)


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