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Product Description

SMETA Propane Fridge

Propane fridgePropane fridge

SMETA 3 Way Fridge Propane Refrigerator Gas/12V/110V for RV Truck Camping Off Grid Fridge

SMETA Electric Appliance was set up in 2006 and rebuilt in 2016. After many years of hard work, we have become a normalized and professional enterprise in appliance industry.

More knowledge of the propane fridge before you purchase, depending on the model you go for, the unit can work on Electricity or Propane. This helps in providing convenience to the owner. Even if you don’t have access to electricity, the fridge can still work. Also, depending on the kind of unit you purchase, it will run on electrical power while plugged in and switch to propane when disconnected from an electrical power source.

Furthermore, the operation of this unit is Very Quiet. There’s no need for you to be annoyed by noisy fridges anymore. This unit has no Freon and thus, it doesn’t play a part in spreading pollution. It also features low energy consumption.

Compact Propane FridgeCompact Propane Fridge

This Fridge Can Fit Small Spaces



SMETA is committed to producing gas refrigerators for off-grid living. At present, there are at least 10 kinds of gas absorption refrigerators ranging from small refrigerators with 1.4 Cu.Ft to large refrigerators with 9.4 Cu.Ft. This gas refrigerator is designed to improve your living and entertaining comfort.

Model: SC-40/SC-60/SC-100A/SC-185/SC-275

Color: Black

Power: LPG/ AC 110 V /DC 12 V

Rear mounted, Scratch resistant worktop, 2 shelves, 2 door shelves

3-way LPG Refrigerator

IMPORTANT (Not a compressor refrigerator)

3-way LPG Compact Refrigerator doesn’t require too much and is perfect for your RV or off-grid life. It is a durable option and features a spacious storage compartment where you can easily store a good amount of food and drinks. The refrigerator uses propane to work; however, it also comes with an electric option for you to switch to. It is easy to switch between the two options, or you could use 12-volt batteries instead as well.

As an added bonus, it has a flame indicator to let you know when a flame is lit.

When you receive it, please put it upright horizontally for 6 hrs before plug it up. It is less efficient than compressor refrigerator, which needs around 6~8 hrs to get cold at the first use.

Please set the temperature at the lowest and plug it in 110 V and test if it cold inside and heated on the back after 6~8 hrs. So it is with the 12 V.

Please don’t use 2 kinds of power supply at the same time. If there is one voltage not working, just tell us and we will handle it for you immediately.

Please adjust the foot to make sure the fridge top(bottom) surface is horizontal when use. When slant angle > 5°, the cooling unit may be blocked and stop cooling.

Trouble Shooting: Heater failure-Replace heater. Cooling unit blocked-1.Put it upside down for 8 h. 2.Put it upright for 8 h. 3.Plug it up.

How Does an RV Refrigerator Work?



back of the fridgeback of the fridge

Propane refrigerator: SC-40

Super quiet operation compatible with 12V DC and 110V AC.Advanced absorption cooling system.Cooling ranges from 32°F to 50°F.

Propane refrigerator: SC-60

It can run on gas or electricity.There is a lot of space for you to organize and store items.This RV fridge doesn’t produce a lot of noise while operating.

3-way power refrigerator

3-way power supply–AC 110V DC 12V LPG.It only works on propane, please don’t use the wrong gas.Come with a pressure regulator, so you don’t need to purchase it by yourself.12V cords included, for car cigarette lighter. There is no positive and negative poles difference.

40-60 control panel40-60 control panel

Battery ignition control panel

Operation instruction:

1. Make sure that all valves between the gas container and the refrigerator are open.

2. Depress the safety device control (C) and hold it down while depressing the igniter switch (A) .

3. Check the flame indicator (B) to see whether the flame is alight.

4. Keep the safety device control (C) depressed for a further 10-15 seconds.

5. Release the safety device control (C ) and again check to see that the flame is alight.

6. Adjust the thermostat knob (D) to desired temperature setting and allow for 8 to 10 hours of operation to achieve desired temperature.

If the burner has not lit after 4-5 attempts, turn off the gas tap, wait 5 minutes and then try to re-light. If the burner still fails to light, please contact the authorised service provider in your area.

Note: If the battery ignition fails to spark, you might need to replace the battery(G).

Questions & Answers:

Does it need to be vented when using propane? If you use the fridge in an airtight and not ventilated room, a venting kit is needed.How long the fridge would run continuously if only using a 20lb propane tank? If you run a 40 lb tank, and it lasts around 6 weeks. (2.1Cu.Ft Fridge)How does an RV Refrigerator Work? You should know an RV fridge works differently than a traditional fridge. Of course, it requires a source of power to heat the fridge and allow it to keep food items chilled. Inside an RV fridge, you will see a combination of ammonia, water, and hydrogen gas. Such a combination causes evaporation. The vapors help cool the appliance.


1.4 cu ft

2.1 cu ft

1.4 cu ft

2.1 cu ft

3.4 cu ft


with freezer(-0.4℉~32℉)

Gas Consumption


0.4 lb/ 24h



18.2*17.8*25.6 inches

18.2*18.9*27.4 inches

15.8 *17.7 *24.8 inches

18*18.7*27.1 inches

20.6*23.2*32.2 inches

110V/12V/Gas 3-Way (Propane, 110V AC, or 12V DC), great for your cabin, cottage, RV or camping
Dimensions 18*18.7*27.1 inches, campact size easy to carry on the way
Approximate gas consumption per day: 0.4 lb
Temperature range 32℉~50℉ without freezer
Reversible door. Advanced absorption cooling system, super quiet without noise.


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