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Product Description

solar camerasolar camera

Is it a new solar camera ?

It is indeed a new product. We ensure that the product is brand new before shipment.

The ins and outs of it delivered to you. Firstly, workers complete production; secondly, they are carefully inspected; thirdly, they are packed and transported to Amazon warehouse; fourthly, Amazon will deliver the products to every customer; fifthly, some customers are satisfied with the products and leave good reviews(but most customers do not, they are only used to leaving reviews that are dissatisfied with the product); sixthly, customers express dissatisfaction with the product and return the product; seventhly returned product will be sold again by Amazon.

So in the process, you may receive products returned by customers or products damaged in transit. We have contacted Amazon but cannot make a better solution. Please change a product or write to us. Our story can still have “eighthly”. You will find a product you are satisfied with, I will provide you with a satisfactory service.

If you are satisfied with the product, please write a review for me, it is greatly appreciated.




Please use a 5v charger to charge, otherwise the voltage will be too high and the solar panel will be damaged.

Must be fully charged for 13-15 hours before first use

Only connect to 2.4G wifi

Not include sd card

Not support the ONVIF

Only be connected to a mobile phone, not a computer or laptop.

If the low power consumption mode is turned on, it will be triggered 30 seconds/10 times a day. It can be used for 6 months without direct sunlight after fully charged.

If 24/7 recording can be used for 17 hours.


High Solar Energy Conversion Rate & Durable

Adopting the monocrystalline silicon solar panel with the highest photoelectric conversion efficiency among all types of solar cells, the conversion efficiency is 24%. Monocrystalline is generally encapsulated with toughened glass and weatherproof resin, which is sturdy and durable, and its service life is generally up to 5-25 years, compared with the polycrystalline solar panels. You don’t need to worry about the battery power of the camera and it can also help you save electricity bills.

One charge, continuous use, uninterrupted

Direct exposure for 2h can be used for one day

Equipped with 6 x 2600 mAh batteries

Be used for two weeks in rainy weather after fully charged

The night vision is clear, with infrared black and white night vision and color night vision, taking care of your safety throughout the day.

If the low power consumption mode is turned on, it will be triggered 30 seconds/10 times a day. It can be used for 5 months without direct sunlight after fully charged.

Do not install it more than 30 feet above the ground. Motion detection distance is 40 feet

If you have any questions, please write to us in time, we will provide you with satisfactory service


Live recordLive record

360 view360 view

Wireless can be installed at will

Do you have more electrical appliances at home, the more cords? Need to consider the location of the power supply before installation? This solar camera for outside can be installed at will as long as it is exposed to direct sunlight. One-time installation is inappropriate, simply change the position. Completely cordless, you don’t need to hire an electrician to install outlet, this camera is your best choice to simplify your life.

Live Remote Views

The camera is very useful. By downloading and installing the application for your iPhone or Android phone, you can view the camera anytime and anywhere as long as you have a network. Especially when you are not at home, you can see what is happening at home. You can buy it for distant parents. It allows you to see her real-time view and alerts. You can also talk. You will like this sense of security because you know that you can take care of her.

Night light

This wireless solar is equipped with 4 white lights and light sensors. When a person is detected at night, it can automatically turn on the light for 10-30 seconds. The light can illuminate objects within 40 feet and record color night vision video. On the one hand, it will be your night light to accompany you home, on the other hand, it will use lights to scare off intruders to ensure the warmth and safety of the home.

Accurate motion detectionAccurate motion detection

Night lightNight light

Clear and loud two-way conversationClear and loud two-way conversation

Fewer blind apots

The outdoor solar security camera with 360 degree horizontal and 90 degree vertical rotation ranges covers a larger field of view and fewer blind spots. The surveillance camera has a flexible and fast rotating shaft, sliding the phone screen can quickly turn the PTZ camera and there is no lag on moving back and forth. The area of a ptz camera is the same as that of two ordinary wireless cameras.

Clear and loud two-way conversation

Responsive and advanced microphones and speakers with built-in anti-noise filters and echo cancellers can provide a clear and loud 2-channel audio experience. Your voice can be heard within 33 feet of the camera. When a friend arrives, you can use the microphone in the camera to talk to them. And you can tell the delivery to put the package on the floor.

You can also change your voice to the voice of an uncle or a little girl to disguise your voice well.

Accurate motion detection

After collecting customer feedback on the product. On the basis of the product PIR detection, we have added radar detection. The dual detection of temperature and motion makes your detection more accurate while extending the detection range, so you will not miss the small details 40 feet in front of the lens. You can also adjust the detection sensitivity to discover the most appropriate detection effect. You will receive an alarm notification in the form of SMS or phone call on your mobile phone.


Clear picture, excellent zoom

I like the sharpness of the product the most. There are two kinds of sharpness. When I adjusted to high-definition, I took a picture of myself in front of the camera. The photo really shocked me. The colors of the pictures were saturated and natural. When I let my friend look at the picture, he did not see that it was taken with a camera. I used the camera to capture some pictures and videos of my kids playing in the garden. I can also pinch the screen to zoom in four times while watching the video. He is very cute. When I am bored, I feel very happy to look at these pictures.

Customer story 2Customer story 2

Metal Material & Waterproof

I was conquered by its beauty. When I browsed the page, the pure black camera made my eyes shine. It is unique among the products I bought. After opening the package, its size is unexpected, one hand cannot support its weight, the camera is made of metal, which will make its lifespan longer, but the specific life needs to continue to use. There are also high-quality solar panels that are not inferior plastics but glass materials. The solar panels are large and can receive more sunlight. I was worried about continuous use on cloudy and rainy days in the description, and when I saw solar panels, I completely eliminated my concerns. It can be used continuously after several rainy days, and it has excellent waterproof performance. Recommend to buy.


Secure encryption

The camera can ensure my safety and will not disclose personal information when using it. Equipped with two storage methods: SD card storage and one month free cloud storage. After the movement triggers the camera, it can automatically record 15-60 seconds of video. After I connected the product, I became a manager. Only I can share the camera with others and remove his permission at any time. I shared the product with 6 people, and we can view it online at the same time by 3 people. After connecting the camera to the home’s wifi, the camera can be turned on anywhere, and the picture will be awakened very quickly. Once I received a notification and saw someone preparing to take my package, I scared him away with my voice and recorded the video to remind my neighbors.


Easy installation

When I received the package, the solar panel and the camera were separate. Need to assemble two products with screws or install separately. To my surprise, all the tools for installation are included in the package to help me install the camera quickly. I chose to assemble the two together because the solar panel can rotate 360 degrees and the tilt of 105 degrees helps me turn to the best direct sunlight position. The app will have clear voice guidance to make connection easy. I asked the ENSTER staff about the sharing settings, and ENSTER’s staff service made it easy for me to solve the problem and the impressive service. You can search chVvVb-ZhiE on youtube to view the connection video.

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Customer story 1

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Customer story 2

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Customer story 3

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Customer story 4


Video Streams

1080P/25 fps

1080P/25 fps

1080P/25 fps

1080P/25 fps

1080P/25 fps

1080P/25 fps

Wi-Fi Transmission

2.4GHz Wi-Fi

2.4GHz Wi-Fi

2.4GHz Wi-Fi

2.4GHz Wi-Fi

2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi

2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi

Mobile APP

Ubox on IOS & Android

Ubox on IOS & Android

Tuya Smart IOS & Android

“CamHi” on IOS&Android

“CamHi” on IOS&Android

“CamHi” on IOS&Android

Viewing Angle


360 degree

360 degree

360 degree

360 degree

110 degree


Free 1 month cloud & SD recording

Free 1 month cloud & SD recording

Max 128GB Micro SD card record for 90 days

Max 128GB Micro SD card record for 90 days

Max 128GB Micro SD card record for 90 days

Max 128GB Micro SD card record for 90 days

Alert Information

Push notification on the phone

Push notification on the phone

Push notification on the phone

Push notification, Email notification with picture

Push notification, Email notification with picture

Push notification, Email notification with picture


Solar Battery Powered

Solar Battery Powered & Siren

Work with Alexa, Google home

Supported RTSP&Onvif&FTP

Supported RTSP&Onvif&FTP

Supported RTSP&Onvif&FTP

【Wireless & 360 Degree View】: 100% wirefree, the security camera is solar powered. After the first full charge, it can be installed in a place where power cannot be supplied. As long as there is direct sunlight, it can meet its power usage. You can change the place of the solar wifi camera at any time, find the most suitable place to install it. 360° pan, 90° tilt plus a 120° wider lens can provide a larger field of view, fewer blind angles. Let it help you get rid of complicated wiring.
【Long Standby & Low consumption】: 15600mAh high capacity rechargeable battery powered camera. Built-in low-consumption module to reduce power consumption. Monocrystalline silicon solar panels with a conversion rate of 24%. As the highest photoelectric conversion efficiency of all types of solar panels at present, and 3 hours of direct sunlight can ensure a day’s use. It is sturdy and durable, the service life is many years. Don’t worry about frequent replacement of solar panels or camera.
【Motion Detection & Two-Way Audio】: With radar and PIR motion sensor, solar pan tilt wifi camera can provide accurate alarm notification. After the person is detected, mobile phone receives the alert and records it in the sd card or cloud storage as evidence of your lost property. You can view remotely the video on app of the Android or IOS phone anytime, anywhere. You also can talk to the person in front of the camera and tell the courier where the parcel is placed or to greet your family.
【Vision & Waterproof】: 1080P high definition, infrared night vision can see every detail within 65ft. Equipped with 4 white lights, light sensor can provide you with color video at night and warm your way home. The fuselage is all made of metal and covered with rust-proof patent leather. Weatherproof cameras can be used for many years in the strongest sunlight and heavy rain. Choose an excellent video and audio surveillance, give you the most assured sleep and travel.
【Simple installation & Risk-Free purchase】: App voice guidance to connect the camera, complete and detailed manuel can make sure you complete all steps easily. Solar wireless outdoor security is equipped with all the parts you need, only to give you with the most convenient shopping experience. Encrypted cloud service ensures your privacy safely. One-month replacement, one-year warranty and installation guide. As long as you contact us, we will provide you with the most satisfactory solution.


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