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Nano Magic Cloth For Car

nano sparkle clothnano sparkle cloth

nano sparkle cloth

nano magic clothnano magic cloth

Warm Prompt:

Car scratch removal is only in effect on the small and slight scratch.It can’t work for severe scratches, such as groove-type scratches, and primer repair. Do not use the cloth with water.Repair cloth can not be washed before use to ensure that the repair site has been dry. Please do not use again if it after the cloth drop on the floor, in case the sand or any other thing stick on the cloth would hurt your love car. Wear the attached plastic gloves or other rubber gloves when using , avoid causing skin problems. Do not expose this product to direct sunlight or high temperature. For those bright-some lacquer such as black, matte appearance will appear after the rehabilitation, after 3 days time, polishing with polish-cloth can recovered. Not suitable for use in expensive vehicle. As to dark color vehicles too much force may result in chromatic aberration, please be gentle. Inadvertently drop the sand ground, do not use to avoid secondary damage to the paint.

nano magic cloth scratch remover

Nano Sparkle Cloth for Car ScratchesNano Sparkle Cloth for Car Scratches

Steps For Usage:

First: wash the car and dry it with a dry cloth. This step is to clean the dust and ensure it is dry.Second: Put on protective gloves, take out the scratch removal cloth, wipe the scratch repeatedly, and apply very little pressure.Third: wipe with a clean dry towel, the luster naturally recovers.

nano sparkle cloth for carsnano sparkle cloth for cars

Effectively remove minor paint scratches and scratches on the car. Such as car door handle scratches, hairline sun lines, branch scratches, slight/transparent coating damage, sand and dust marks, etc.Effectively remove paint oxidation, bird droppings, colloid, rust and other dirt.It can also be used to deal with all kinds of matte, whirlpool and various subtle scratches on various paints to restore the original gloss of the paint surface.

🚕 Adopting Advanced Nanotechnology: Nanomagic cloth, our product, are the best! Professional grade, and easy enough for anyone to use! We use only the absolute best chemicals and ensure there are no unnecessary color dyes or scents! You get the best nano magic cloth in a specifically formulated formula with gloves that lets you go right to work!
🚕 Nano Magic Cloth for Car Scratches: Nano magic cloth with perfect removal function can remove fingernail scratches, branch scratches, light scratches or scrapes on the car surface, stickers residual glue, leaf secretion, oxide layer rust, asphalt compound, etc. High-grade Nano technology is effective for scratch restoration and polish.
🚕 Instant Repair: Nano car scratch remover will allow you to easily remove and eliminate years of wear and tear in vehicle paint and overall appearance! Not only can it remove scratches, but it will restore the luster of the paint and restore its original brilliance!
🚕 A Reusable Helper: Scratch removal for cars can polish and restore color in a few minutes. Yes, you can even use it on electrical appliances and furniture such as stains from the tap. When finished, just fold nano cloth, put it back in the package, and then tighten the seal.


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