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Product Description

Low light wane with 80% higher brightness uniformity. The brightness will not fade off when time goes by as we adopted self-developed Premium LCD Screen, Fresnel Lens to improve the brightness uniformity and makes it last longer. Don’t worry about Long-term Entertainment and Business Presentations.

outdoor movie

Professional Portable Outdoor Movie Design and Excellent Image Quality

real wireless

Throw Open the Blackout Curtains, Create You Own Home Theater

Summer Camping Movies

You Own Home Theater

What are Lumens, Lux, and ANSI Lumens?

What is ANSI Brightness? What is LED Brightness? What is Light Source Brightness? Don’t get puzzled by equaling ANSI Lumens to Light Source Lumen!

ANSI Brightness: is brightness defined by the American National Standards Institute, which involves taking several brightness readings at different points of a projected white screen and averaging them together.

LED brightness: LED brightness is a brightness used by some manufacturers that attempts to quantify the added brightness that is perceived by the human eye as a result of highly-saturated colors

200 ANSI Lumens Brightness, Convert Light Source Lumen is 3300 Lumen, Convert to LED Lumen is 480. We uses High Light Source Brightness, a brand you can trust and use for both daylight and movies night.

shorter throw distance

Space never bother you, easy to get a sharper and more vivid image in a shorter throw distance.


Bomaker adapts diffuse reflection technology to effectively protect eyes from radiation and fatigue

big screen

Watching movies, taking online meetings or playing games, simply supersize any entertainment

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Seamlessly display and enjoy your favorite shows, movies from TV stick, phone, laptop or your USB


From explosive action to hard-hitting dialolgue, hear every moment loud and clear

Shorter yet Bigger

Less Strain on Eyes

Superzise Anything

Home Theater Anyway

Bluetooth Connection

More Affordable, More Portable, Clearer Picture


No More Blurry Four Corners & Focus Issue

This video projector adopts a new square pixel arrangement and high-quality optical solution, which can offer high-definition four-corner brightness and resolution. The edges are no longer blurred, the details in each corner are optimized.


Latency is Below 35ms, No More Input Lag

Wifi projector adopts premium chipset to ensure no cut-out or delay during playing games. 75fps plus 200” big screen, transports you to the center of the action and claim more glorious victories.

No More MHL-to-HDMI- Adapter, True Wireless Portable WiFi Projector

This wifi projector adopts premium chipset and WiFi Antennal to ensure Faster and Smoother wifi connections. Optimized UI interface, ONLY TWO STEPS to achieve home wifi screen mirroring. Invest for Better, Longer gaming and movie experience.

How to use your Home WiFi instead of Mobile Data to stream Movies?

1.Choose your home Wi-Fi and enter the password on the projector.

2.Go to settings of phone, turn on “WLAN” and enter password of your home WIFI (The same network with projector).

3.Click “Screen Mirroring” on your phone.

How to WIRELESS screen mirroring with your mobile phone Devices?

1. Go to Settings, connect to projector WiFi named “Mirroring-xxxxxx”, enter password: 12345678.

2. Turn on the Screen Mirroring settings and Choose “Mirroring-xxxxxx”.

Can this projector play Netflix?

Due to copyright, almost all Wi-Fi projectors on the market are not compatible with Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+ Video when syncing screen via Wi-Fi. Hope you can understand and please use the TV stick/ Chromecast to play these videos.

What is Native Resolution?

Every projector that uses microdisplays, whether they are LCD panels, DLP or LCOS chips, has a fixed array of pixels on those microdisplays. That fixed array of pixels is known as the native resolution of the projector.

What is Supported Resolution?

On the market, most 480p projector claims it is “Full HD 1080p supported”. To be honest, overall clarity and sharpness determined by native resolution.480p projector can only process 1080p video source, but verall clarity still is 480p.

WATCH IN DAYLIGHT: We adopted self-developed premium LCD screen, fresnel lens to improve the brightness uniformity and makes it last longer.50% brighter due to powerful light engine, the brightness will not fade when time goes by.
LOW INPUT LAG: Easy Wireless& Wired WiFi Connection, Input Lag Lower to 35ms, no more audio or video latency. Enhanced wifi module and chipset ensures hassle-free wifi connections and lower input lag.
200” GIANT SCREEN: Forget tiny 42-inch TVs, TV projector can miracast what you’ve seen on small screens to 35-200’’ giant screen in a shorter throw distance than other ordinarily projector, and diffuse reflection imaging to protect your eyesight.
360° HOME THEATER: Outdoor projector built-in HiFi Stereo speakers with SRS sound system provides a great auditory sense experience. Perfect for enjoying a fun-filled movie night indoors or outdoors!


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